Paul Gadzikowski


In the 70s I played a game called T*R*E*K in which I dumped the STAR TREK characters out of STAR TREK stories and replaced them with M*A*S*H characters. It was one way of creating new STAR TREK when no one else was. (Now, of course ...)

In the 80s I played a game called Armchair DOCTOR WHO Story Editor, in which I did the same thing with DOCTOR WHO characters to any story that caught my eye - hence the Wrath of Khan thing last month. In the 90s on an Amiga 500 I worked up animated Armchair treatments of Khan, 2001, and Camber of Culdi and made a few sales of the resultant "video fanzine". Somewhere in my video collection there's a one-minute Archair with triangles that may be the world's sole attempt to date to put Ringworld on film. The concept that I've come to call Armchair DOCTOR WHO Story Editor came to pass when I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark and decided that that action adventure would've made a great DOCTOR WHO story in the days Jon Pertwee played the role.

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