Paul Gadzikowski


I love fanfiction, but I don't seem to have it in me to sustain more than one comic strip website at once. So I'm converting this site to a fanfiction sketchbook.

My first idea was to make it a sort of journal, with a fanfiction cartoon above symbolic of recent events or just whatever I was thinking about, and text below explaining the cartoon. But then I thought: when the object is to reduce self-restriction in aid of production, why impose any format on it? Some days it'll be a journal, some days just doodles, like any other sketchbook. Some days I'll even draw regular ol' Dailies, when gags come to me.

All the fanfiction and King Arthur in Time and Space stories and cartoons are still here. I'll continue to add Dailies from the offline archive till they're all here. New Dailies, when they occur, will be in the sketchbook and the chronological Daily archive. And for you readers who come by weekly in response to my email and Usenet announcements on Fridays, every Friday there'll be links to newly archived Dailies (while they last) and to the earliest sketch you haven't seen. For instance: This week newly archived Dailies start at 2/15/04, and since last Friday there were new Dailies Sunday and Tuesday.

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