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Some weeks, when there isn't a spontaneous instance of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL character(s) in my fanfiction cartoons, I include a gratituous one; just because I feel compelled either to keep my Friday Usenet announcement on-topic for all three of the fanfiction newsgroups I read or not to post it there. Gratuitous STAR TREK instances have been required less often, particularly when there were King Arthur in Time and Space Dailies or while there are reruns/archiving going on. Gratuitous DOCTOR WHO instances have been needed maybe once.

Above's a gratuitous BVS/A instance for this week. I flipped the Mercator projection - centering on the Pacific rather than the Atlantic - trying to get Buffy and Angel as far from each other as I could since they're not getting on right now. I put Spike and Illyria in Asia to suggest that the characters' lives are continuing to change and complicate even though neither Joss nor I are recording it, but mostly because otherwise that part of the map'd be empty and I thought it'd be poor composition. Perhaps tomorrow I'll think of a real gag for them and this effort'll have been wasted.

So what do you do when you're bored because your favorite websites aren't bringing the new content today? You create new content for your website.

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