Paul Gadzikowski


August 17, 1997 I uploaded the first chapter of my first full-length DOCTOR WHO/STAR TREK crossover, Historical Revision - in effect the inception of the multiverse that's become the fanfiction Dailies.

More sketchbook behind-the-scenes than you wanted to know: The flashback is to Historical Revision (with some artistic lisence - Captain Kirk wasn't in that scene). Now, I try with varying success to cycle through the Doctor's incarnations in order in these sketches, the present incarnation alternating with all past incarnations in order. There are deviations, but generally it goes tenth, first, tenth, second, and so on. The reason the Doctor's in his seventh incarnation in the framing, uh, frame today is that it was the seventh incarnation's turn. But that's only part of the reason: it gets better. In the spreadsheet tracking the Dailies there's a set of formulas which prorates the Doctor's screen history up through the incarnation of my choice, to the history of the Dailies. It so happens that, at the moment, the amount of time from 8/17/97 until now in the Dailies' history is proportionally the same as the amount of time from when Historical Revision is set until late in the Doctor's seventh incarnation. A coincidence worthy of the Doctor.

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