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The STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE finale wasn't twenty-four hours old before I'd arrived at a flaming fanboy theory about it.
First of all, note that the events we see onscreen aren't the actual 22nd century events; they're 24th century holodeck recreations.
Next: After Tucker's heroic sacrifice when his lungs fail, he's put into a chamber whose purpose wasn't clear to anyone I know. We don't see what happens after that. Subsequently Archer and T'Pol speak of Tucker in the past tense, but they don't actually state what happened in the chamber.* Even in the 24th century they only say Tucker didn't make it home, without specifying why not.
Finally, the very plot of the story was introduced to us by an old friend whose entrance into the story suggested that the only way to avoid this gang of bad guys once you were on their bad side was to fake your own death.
I say the STAR TREK front office has left itself with a back door - several - to claim later that Tucker wasn't killed on the NX-01's last mission after all.

* Later: On review of this scene I am reminded Archer does say, "Now, Trip is dead." Oops. Still, it remains that this scene isn't actual event but a holodeck program based on a log entry which might have been doctored, or staged. My theory remains standing.
Still later: The tie-in novel
The Good That Men Do by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin posits that Archer speaks as if Trip is dead to T'Pol because T'Pol isn't in on the plot.

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