Paul Gadzikowski


I haven't seen any of the new DOCTOR WHO season (I neither seek nor avoid spoilers), because the U.S. seems to be the only English-speaking country not to be airing it. A lot of fellow U.S. fans are seeing it anyway, for instance some people I chat with, because U.K. people we chat with are making it available privately or publicly by means of dvixtorrent.avi or whatever the latest software standard is for pirating intellectual property. I'm not above pirating DOCTOR WHO, as you know if you knew me in the 80s when it was last on. But I work full time, attend college halftime, update Arthur, King of Time and Space daily, and update this website nearly daily. I decline to spend my downtime learning this year's online video standard. If someone'd transfer it to VHS or DVD and mail it to me, that'd be different.

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