Paul Gadzikowski

The Return of Archy the Cockroach

Last updated 4/13/00

Don Marquis' famous typing cockroach is back for the internet age.

Archy Answers Critics of Harry Potter

Millenial Cockroach

Archy Applauds Advertising

Catching Up with Archy

On the Information Age

Archy at the Grocery Store

Archy's Review of "The Lost World"

On the Common Perception of the Internet

War on the Horizon

Archy Reads Heinlein

Archy's One-Sentence Review of "Ed Wood"

Nothing New Under the Sun

Cats Come and Go

Archy's Taste

Stick With What Works

Archy MUDs

On the bombing of Iraq


On Fundamentalism

Archy Decides What's Right

Superman in the 90s

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