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Last updated March 2004

I call these "satire episodes" because they're only story fragments and because satire is fair use. There are DOCTOR WHO and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL satire episodes on this index.


Leprechauns. Things are not what they seem. Set during BUFFY's late second season.

Complaints. Don't mess with what you don't understand. Set just before BUFFY's third season finale.

Transference. It's amazing the ways your enemies can find to make you miserable. Set early in ANGEL's second season.


The Unearthly Enemy Child Within of Terror. This was the eighteenth of these, but was written as an introduction of sorts to DOCTOR WHO, since it's set during the first season so I knew it'd be listed here ahead of all the others. (The others do rather assume some reader familiarity with the show; or at least their best gags do.) Featuring the Doctor's first incarnation (William Hartnell).

The Curse of Ark. The Doctor and his friends discover a planet of megalomaniac nudists. Set during the second season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Gunfighters of Happiness. The satire episode for Season 4. Featuring the Doctor's second incarnation (Patrick Troughton).

The Five of Two. Even the Doctor can't save this planet. Set during the 5th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Robots of Androids. When I started reading alt.drwho.creative, there was some sort of running gag about fluffy bunnies, the origins of which were, by then, obscure ... Set during the 6th season of DOCTOR WHO.

Refrigerator of the Daleks. Featuring the Doctor's third incarnation (Jon Pertwee). Set during the 7th season of DOCTOR WHO, the one when the Doctor was exiled by his fellow Time Lords to Earth and the bad guys had to come to him.

Time and the Mark. Set during the 8th season of DOCTOR WHO, when the Time Lords began sending the Doctor all over time and space chasing the Master, the former schoolyard bully of the Doctor's class.

Ghostlashflight. Missions from the Time Lords notwithstanding the Doctor's still exiled, and this time all the bad guys come to Earth at once. Set during the 9th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Time of Hour. A response to a story challenge, the elements to be included being: fulfilling a promise, a wishbone, a phobia, a gold watch, one card from a deck of cards; and optionally someone called Justine, a haiku, the family curse, or someone saying: "You'd have to chloroform me first." They're all here, in that order. Set during the 11th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Evil of Horror. Even for a Satire Episode this one doesn't have much of anything to do with anything. Featuring the Doctor's fourth incarnation (Tom Baker), the one with the scarf. Set during the 12th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Plaid Death. The trials and tribulations of Sarah Jane Smith's ankles. Set during the 13th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Four Doctors. Featuring the Doctor's first four incarnations. In real DOCTOR WHO they made The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, and The Two Doctors (yes, in that order); I'm working on the rest. Set during the 15th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Death of Web. Clerical and filing. Set during the 16th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Thimble of Peladon. The Doctor tries again to visit the same sovereign of the planet Peladon twice running. Note that the actor who played Eckersly in The Monster of Peladon bore a passing resemblance to Tom Baker ... or at least I always thought so. Set during the 17th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Ambassadors of Seeds. Another exercise in dealing with that three straight men in the TARDIS are probably too many. Featuring the Doctor's fifth incarnation (Peter Davison). Set during the 19th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Brain of Claws. The Doctor stumbles on a war between cartoon characters. Set during the 21st season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Hand of Face of Mind of Talons. It was complained of the 22nd season of DOCTOR WHO that the Doctor was too violent. If he was, the turnabout here is fair play. Featuring the Doctor's sixth incarnation (Colin Baker).

The Tenth Carnival. Set during Trial of a Time Lord, the single-serial fourteen-episode 23rd season, between the Terror of the Vervoids and Ultimate Foe segments.

The Seven Doctors. Featuring the Doctor's first seven incarnations, including the seventh (Sylvester McCoy). Even as a gag these Doctor team-ups are harder to get right than you might think; here's an example. Set during the 25th season of DOCTOR WHO.

The Planet in Space. Set during the 26th season of DOCTOR WHO, when the Doctor was being built up as secretly being some sort of reincarnation of some sort of major player in the early history of the Time Lords, with all sorts of powerful ancient time travel devices secreted by him all around the universe for theoretical safekeeping.

The Terror of Fear. Featuring the Doctor's eighth incarnation (Paul McGann). Set after the 1996 DOCTOR WHO movie, the Doctor's last screen appearance to date. This was the first Satire Episode. Does it show?

Bride of the Cybermen. I suppose this is set concurrent to what would have been aired in 1997 if any DOCTOR WHO had been aired in 1997.

The Eight Doctors. For the 35th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO on 11/23/98, I wrote a sort of extended Satire Episode, or rather four, that actually make up a whole story between them ...
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

The Doom of the Fatal Planet. In March of 1999 the BBC aired on a charity telethon a DOCTOR WHO spoof with the Doctor's ninth through thirteenth incarnations played by Rowan Atkinson, Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, and Joanna Lumley. In my regular fanfiction I use Rowan Atkinson's ninth Doctor but consign the actual events of the spoof to a dream. But here ...

The Revenge of Resurrection. When DOCTOR WHO was revived for 2005 and then Christopher Eccleston was cast in 2004, we all raced to be first to feature the new incarnation in our stories - without the vaguest idea what the new personality would behave or dress like ...

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