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For most of my life since 1976 I've drawn a daily pencil comic strip for the amusement of, and about, myself and my friends.

From February 1997 until January 1999, instead of drawing Dailies, I wrote DOCTOR WHO fanfiction - mostly but not exclusively STAR TREK and/or BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER crossovers - which I posted one chapter each week to the internet, to Usenet and to my website (with reruns during the summer of course).

During 1999 I combined these two regimens, serializing my fanfiction in my Dailies and archiving them a chapter a week here on my website.

In 2000 I returned to drawing stand-alone daily gags, with the same fanfiction characters for cast - but I continued scanning them for weekly uploading onto my website, immediately below. A few months after that I began alternating fanfiction Dailies with King Arthur in Time and Space Dailies. In April 2001 I lost scanner capability in a system crash but I still managed, by drawing with the computer itself, in a style I call triangle caricatures. In August 2003 I resumed drawing scanned Dailies about myself and the people around me in addition to triangle Dailies about the other sets of characters. In May 2004 I launched a new daily project but I still have new Dailies frequently.

The Dailies

The latest Dailies appear on the new material page. And there's a calendar index chronological archive of all active Dailies.


These links are in chronological order rather than in the order I wrote the stories. In the event of scholarly interest, the date(s) each was first posted to my website are noted. Though only comic strip fanfiction is listed on this index, the fanfiction index has chronologically listed links to these stories sorted into its chronologically listed links to the text stories.

Last Son of Krypton

Posted February 2000 to present
The Doctor's interaction with Superman in my crossovers is complicated by such elements as time anomalies and alternate universes. These comic strips portraying events of significance in their relationship. Here they are in approximate order of importance; if you prefer, they are also linked chronologically with all other cartoons from
the Daily comic strip calendar index.
Part 1 of one

Small Soldiers

Posted December 1999-January 2000
Readers of
Prime Contact may recall the Doctor discussing the portent of stardate zero. By accident or design the TARDIS places him on the Enterprise then; and the assumption of command by one James T. Kirk is not the most cataclysmic event of the day.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Potpourri One

Posted February 2003 - present
Events of import and/or interest from the era of the Doctor's first incarnation.
Part 1 of one

Potpourri Two

Posted December 1999 - present
Events of import and/or interest from the era of the Doctor's second incarnation.
Part 1 of one

Too Many Cooks?

Posted March 1999
When Captain Kirk receives a crosstime distress signal from 1970s Earth, it's not from the exiled Doctor; but he's there. Set during the seventh season of DOCTOR WHO (featuring the third Doctor), and between the first STAR TREK tv series and the first STAR TREK movie. (I am reliably informed that this, my first four-way crossover, is largely unintelligible to those unfamiliar with the other two properties, the two unsold Gene Roddenberry pilots Assignment: Earth and The Questor Tapes. I present this warning against my instincts as an author, for it sorta gives away the story.)
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Friends of the Groom

Posted November 1999
For once the TARDIS lands on the starship Enterprise while there isn't a crisis going on ... or isn't there? Set between the first STAR TREK series and the first STAR TREK movie, and between Planet of the Daleks and The Green Death.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Potpourri Three

Posted November 2000 to present
Developments of import or just interest in my fanficton universe from Daily comic strips set during the Doctor's third incarnation.
Part 1 of one

The Secret of Sihpis

Posted June 1999
The Doctor returns to the planet Sihpis when Harry Sullivan insists the TARDIS land in response to a medical distress call - just as the Starfleet team of eugenicists on the planet calls the Enterprise back with a disturbing discovery. Set between the first STAR TREK tv series and the first STAR TREK movie, and between Revenge of the Cybermen and Terror of the Zygons; featuring the fourth Doctor, The One With The Scarf. A sequel of sorts to
Toy Story on my text website, which tells of the Doctor and the Enterprise's first visit to Sihpis.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Reach Out and Kill Someone

Posted February 1999
The Doctor and Captain Kirk must avert war between two Federation member planets. Well, not between the planets' governments ... Set between the first STAR TREK series and the first STAR TREK movie, and shortly after The Invisible Enemy (featuring the fourth Doctor).
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4


Posted May 1999
Like the movie M*A*S*H and numerous episodes of the tv series, this crossover with DOCTOR WHO is episodic in nature, presenting a cross-section of events during the Doctor's visits to the American mobile army surgical hospital throughout the course of the Korean war. Featuring the third, fourth and fifth Doctors (in succession, not simultaneously).
Part 1 of one

Potpourri Five

Incidents of importance or interest during the Doctor's fifth incarnation.
Part 1 of one

Casting Bread

Posted November-December 1999
At the end of Planet of Fire the Doctor and Peri agree that she shall travel with him in the TARDIS for three months, no doubt in analog to the summer break she had been planning to spend traveling Europe. Yet to all appearances that deadline was ignored when it was reached. Was it? They are time travelers after all. Find out the answers as the sixth Doctor and Peri join the officers of the late starship Enterprise on yet another planet of fire... Set between STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK and STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME, and between The Twin Dilemma and Attack of the Cybermen.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Potpourri Six

Posted September 2000 to present
Developments of import or just interest in my fanficton universe from Daily comic strips set during the Doctor's sixth incarnation.
Part 1 of one

Conspiracy of the Daleks

Posted October 1999
Remember the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION story Conspiracy about the aliens who crawl inside you and possess you, and sent a signal beacon off into the uncharted regions of the galaxy? Remember the DOCTOR WHO story Evil of the Daleks about the Daleks who get infected with "the human factor" and become enemies of the regular Daleks? Remember how you never heard any more about either of them? Captain Picard and the seventh Doctor hear more from both of them in this crossover. Set early in the third season of THE NEXT GENERATION and shortly after Survival (featuring the seventh Doctor).
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5

The Swords of Eternity

Posted November 1999
This DOCTOR WHO/STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/HIGHLANDER three-way crossover is sort of a cheat: I've drawn five scenes, and not troubled to string them together with a plot... The Doctor says his final goodbye to a twentieth-century friend - or does he? Set during the sixth season of THE NEXT GENERATION, during the first season of HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES, and between Survival and the 1996 movie, the last official screen DOCTOR WHO to date.
Part 1 of one

Nine to Five

Posted March-April 2000
Like The Swords of Eternity above, this is a selected-scenes-only effort. Also like The Swords of Eternity it's a three-way crossover, between DOCTOR WHO and ... but the rest is obvious from the title, isn't it?
Part 1 of one


Posted March-April 1999
When the Doctor and Ace land on Deep Space Nine, someone is waiting for them - but is it an old friend, or an old enemy? Set shortly after The Way of the Warrior and Hippocratic Oath - i.e., during Worf's first few weeks on the station - and between Survival and the 1996 DOCTOR WHO movie. (Sequel to
Sela on my text fanfiction site.)
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Strange Visitor

Posted April 1999
A BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/LOIS & CLARK crossover. After all, at the time I wrote this, already on my website were a DOCTOR WHO/LOIS & CLARK crossover and more than one WHO/BUFFY crossover (on my
text fanfiction index) - so, if Buffy and Lois & Clark live in the same fiction universe, how is it that Buffy seems to know Clark's secret in the early BUFFY episode Never Kill A Boy On A First Date? (Writing crossovers opens you up to being bothered by the damnedest things.) Now it can be told.
Part 1 of one

Angels and Aces

Posted May 1999
In the 1996 movie the Doctor is, unusually, traveling with no companion at the beginning of the story and at the end (though he does ask someone who turns him down). Even more unusually, he continues to travel alone throughout most of his eighth personality (at least here in my fanfiction), despite its unusual gregariousness. Here, in explanation of this apparent anomaly, is the final adventure of the last companion of his seventh life, as told by his eighth self to the friends of Buffy the vampire slayer. Set during the fall semester of Buffy's junior year at Sunnydale High (sometime between The Dark Ages and Innocence) and after the 1996 DOCTOR WHO movie; with time-travel to Buffy's sophomore year in L.A., and flashbacks to the Doctor's seventh incarnation.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Potpourri Eight

Posted April 1999 to present
Developments of import or just interest in my fanficton universe from Daily comic strips set during the Doctor's eighth incarnation.
Part 1 of one

Potpourri Eight-B

Posted April 1999 to May 2000
When Rowan Atkinson (BLACKADDER, MR. BEAN) appeared in a DOCTOR WHO spoof The Curse of the Fatal Death in March 1999 on a BBC telethon for world hunger, I - perhaps alone in WHO fandom - elected to incorporate the presentation's characters into my fanfiction. The characters but not the events, though, which issue is addressed in one of these four-panel stand-alone gags featuring those characters. Some of these gags are recent additions since I started drawing stand-alone Daily gags regularly.
Part 1 of one

Street Level

Posted November-December 2000
Even though I believe that those who wish to see Superman possess a dark side have misunderstood the intent and nature of the character, I was intrigued when challenged to write a dark Superman story.
Part 1 of one

Dark Mirror

Posted June 2000
Every Holmes has a Moriarty; a personified dark side, an equal but opposite reaction. For Buffy it's the rogue Slayer, Faith. Faith's return appearances during the 1999-2000 season of BUFFY and ANGEL occasioned these DOCTOR WHO crossover Dailies which examine Buffy's relationship with Faith better than Buffy did.
Part 1 of one

More Potpourri Eight-B

Developments of import or just interest in my fanficton universe from Dailies chronologically following Dark Mirror above.
Part 1 of one

Eight is Enough

Posted January 2002
In the wake of Archer's second confrontation with Silik, the Doctor is forced to admit much he was trying to keep from the Enterprise crew - in order to save their lives. Meanwhile, interpersonal developments between the Enterprise staff make this story appropriately told with triangle caricatures ... Set just after Cold Front.
Part 1 of one

Something So Right

Posted August 2002
In Eight is Enough I laid the foundation for an Archer-T'Pol-Tucker love triangle. Then my interest in ENTERPRISE fanfiction began leaning away from the source itself and toward the show's manifestation in
King Arthur in Time and Space works. The next development in the AT&T romance that insisted on being written nevertheless was the consummation of the relationship. This is set about three weeks after Two Weeks' Notice (and was written half a year previous ...).
Part 1 of one

More Potpourri Eight

December 2003 - November 2004
Developments of import or just interest in my fanficton universe from Dailies chronologically following Eight Is Enough above (except those that have been transferred to the in-progress cartoon archive).
Part 1 of one

The Circle of Time

November 2003
Why do there seem to be only two Doctors in
Everything in Threes? Why did the Celestial Intervention Agency of the High Council of the Time Lords feel compelled to place three (at least) agents on 20th century Earth to make certain humans didn't exterminate themselves (Too Many Cooks?)? If Saavik was Spock's first wife immediately post-T'Pring (Friends of the Groom), who was his second wife (the NEXT GENERATION episode Sarek)? What happened to the Doctor's Father after the Time Lords discovered he was crossbreeding with other species in secret (One Child Born)? When do Buffy and Angel finally live happily ever after, what was Angel's involvement in the post-atomic horror, and in light of the Sanshu prophecy why is he still a vampire in the twenty-second century (For To Carry Me Home)? Is Angel's son Connor yet another of the Doctor's half-siblings (unDaily 11/7/01)? Why was the time ship in the ENTERPRISE episode Future Tense bigger on the inside than the outside like a Time Lord TARDIS? Will the adversary or adversaries of true history in ENTERPRISE's temporal cold war succeed? And what the hell's the "Tradition of Dorek" (Sela)? These and other questions raised by my fanfiction and by the STAR TREK screen canon are answered in my DOCTOR WHO 40th anniversary story The Circle of Time.
"Time doesn't go 'round and round in circles!" "Really? Where does time go, then?"
DOCTOR WHO, November 1963
Part 1 of one

Potpourri Eight And Nine Averaged

To celebrate DOCTOR WHO's fortieth anniversary in November 2003, Richard E. Grant was cast as the Doctor's "official" ninth incarnation in an animated story on the BBC website. Just as its serialization began, the announcement was made that DOCTOR WHO would return to television in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as what the press inevitably dubbed the ninth Doctor. The lost ninth incarnation nevertheless appeared in Dailies between November 2003 and November 2004, sharing current Doctor status equally with the eighth incarnation. Potpurri Eight and Nine Averaged portrays events of import or interest during the period that the Doctor's eighth and ninth incarnations were concurrent.
Part 1 of one

More Alike Than They Know

November 2005
Here is a sequence of DOCTOR WHO/STARGATE SG-1/STARGATE ATLANTIS Dailies, depicting the circumstances surrounding the conversion of the BBC website ninth Doctor (Richard E. Grant) to the BBC tv ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston). Set during the first season of STARGATE ATLANTIS.
Part 1 of one

The Cook and the Crossover

May 2005
Rumor/legend has it that William Shatner was in negotiations to appear in the last season of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, but they fell through because he wanted to play mirror-Kirk and they wanted him to play Archer's chef. I thought, "Why not both?" Set during the fifth year of the Enterprise's mission.
Part 1 of one

Chosen to Not Fade Away

April 2006 - present
Here is a selection of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL Dailies composed and set in the time since their respective series finales. Set between Chosen and the present; featuring (serially) the eighth, ninth and tenth (David Tennant) Doctors.
Part 1 of one

STAR WARS Episode VII: The Battle for Corscant

May 2009
At the end of The Circle of Time I promised the story of the Doctor's redemption of the Jedi Chosen One, once the Clone Wars trilogy was complete. Within a week of the premiere of Episode III I was boasting that I'd written the outline for my third trilogy and the introductory crawl for Episode VII; and would debut Episode VII in May 2006. But after a year of little or no progress on that script, two things happened. (a) I remembered what I did with the the only other fanfiction story idea that had come to me between May 2005 and May 2006: I
pruned it down to less than a dozen panels (of not necessarily sterling dialog) and ran it as a single strip. (b) I realized that what I'd outlined as Episode VII was really Episode VIII, and since Episode VIII really hinged on the Doctor regenerating it must wait until David Tennant left the part of the Doctor's tenth incarnation.
This story incorporates some concepts that can be found in the post-Episode VI tie-in novels (the "Expanded Universe"), some concepts I arrived at independently, and some that are both.
Part 1 of one.

STAR WARS Episode VIII: A Galaxy Divided

May 2010
This DOCTOR WHO/STAR WARS crossover surrounds the Doctor's regeneration from his tenth body to his eleventh with different circumstances than depicted in the screen source. Many or most in fanfiction fandom would say that that makes it an "alternate universe", but not I. To consider it an alternate universe one would first have to credit the concept of "
This story incorporates some concepts that can be found in the post-Episode VI tie-in novels (the "Expanded Universe"), some concepts I arrived at independently, and some that are both.
Part 1 of one.

STAR WARS Episode IX: The Chosen One

May 2011
The Doctor sees the Skywalker/Organa family through the redemption of the Chosen One.
This story incorporates some concepts that can be found in the post-Episode VI tie-in novels (the "Expanded Universe"), some concepts I arrived at independently, and some that are both.
Part 1 of one.

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