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Life in three lines

Almost all my readers who registered their opinions on the triangle caricatures when they were new wished I'd go back to my usual line drawing. But as time's gone on I seem to get complaints only from those to whom triangles are new.

I like the triangles. I like working in color and I like the minimalism. (If you think triangles are minimalist now then you should've seen them when I was animating them on an Amiga 500 with no extra memory.) I like the way the color and the minimalism accent and assist in reader identification of King Arthur in Time and Space analogs of fanfiction characters. I like that they're immediately identifiable on sight as mine. (It's also easier to go back and fix things than with scanned pen/cil drawings.)

I realize that they're more appropriate to sight gags or action scenes than to the talking-heads stuff I usually write, but that's part of the challenge. Note how talking-heads gags are sometimes - more and more often, I hope - fleshed out with action sequences backing up the dialog.

In 1975 Carl Reiner said to Charles M. Schulz, "Picasso said the greatest artist was the one who could draw three lines and make a bull. That's what you do - you give us life in three lines."

I'll stick with the triangles for website cartoons until I tire of them.

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