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Scenes from T*R*E*K

Last updated 7/4/02 (chronology edited)

What if James T. Kirk never existed, but Hawkeye Pierce was born 300 years late?

These scenes have all been posted to alt.startrek.creative. Their titles are lines from STAR TREK episodes that don't appear in the T*R*E*K versions of the scenes.

The major characters in these works are copyright 20th Century Fox. The action, and some characters and dialog, are copyright Paramount Pictures. The combination thereof and any resulting deviance from the sources are mine.

Here's an overview of the T*R*E*K chronology.

"Certain you don't know what irritation is?" (Where No Man Has Gone Before)

"I'll go with him, sir." (Space Seed)

"I would be honored, sir." (Amok Time)

"In a pig's eye." (Amok Time)

"Mr. Spock, you have command." (Doomsday Machine)

"Vulcans never bluff." (Doomsday Machine)

"Welcome aboard, Captain." (Doomsday Machine)

"It vas Russian, sir, every vord!" (Spectre of the Gun)

"I believe you have that quality." (The Tholian Web)

"And an untried captain." (The Motion Picture)

"I would not presume to debate you." (The Wrath of Khan)

"As you have so often reminded me ..." (The Wrath of Khan)

"The needs of the many ..." (The Wrath of Khan)

"Your son meant more to me than you can know." (The Search for Spock)

"This isn't reality. This is fantasy." (The Search for Spock)

"The needs of the one outweighed the needs of the many." (The Search for Spock)

There's a T*R*E*K version of my STAR TREK story Half A Worm.

At The Hero of Three Faces there's a T*R*E*K version of the 2009 STAR TREK movie.

And for M*A*S*H fanfiction in the actual M*A*S*H setting, Many Changes is my tale of what happened to Lt. Colonel Henry Blake after he died.

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