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The hosting service for this website had to decommission the server it had been on for 27 years, and the website's address has changed from to
There is an automatic redirect in place which I imagine shall exist as long as the site is on this service but you may want to update your bookmarks.
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This website is retired.
Current fanfiction comic strips and sketches at
The Hero of Three Faces.
More recent fanfiction at my Dreamwidth.
Concluded King Arthur webcomic at
Arthur, King of Time and Space.

It took about ten years and a few revisions of mission statement (not that there ever were actual, formal mission statements), but the member account webserver diskspace hosting this website is mostly full. Now I'm posting fanfiction somewhere new. The new triangle cartoons site is constructed more along the lines of the conventions that have evolved for online cartoons since this website was founded. It even has something this website never had, an umbrella title for the works appearing on it: The Hero of Three Faces. Meanwhile new prose fanfiction can be found at my Dreamwidth. The material at neither of these links is a continuation of the material here, usually. When it is, it gets updated here too.

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The Hero of Three Faces
Arthur, King of Time and Space